Why not take advantage our expertise in online retailing and let us sell your unwanted items on ebay for you? Do you have designer handbags or clothes that have just been sitting unused in your wardrobe or closet for ages? Have you been thinking of selling things but just haven’t got round to it? Then if so, let us do it for you!

Vantage 360 will handle every component of your eBay transaction from item collection, photography, copywriting, receiving payments, to shipping internationally and of course sending you the money for your unwanted items.

We offer No Sale – No Fee and first rate customer service. Take advantage of our selling expertise! We work independently as an eBay Trading Assistant and by using our service you will take advantage of our online selling expertise.

You can be assured that we are eBay top sellers who have sustained a consistently high volume of sales and a high level of total feedback with 100% positive. As such, we rank among the most successful sellers in terms of product sales and customer satisfaction on eBay.

You can feel assured that your transaction will run smoothly and that you are dealing with a company who has consistently met the high requirements established by eBay.

How It Works
 1. Decide what quality items you would like to sell (Items should ideally have a second hand value of £50 or more).
2. Call or e-mail us to arrange a convenient time to meet and review your items. You can either drop off your items with us, or we will come to you and collect.
3. We will list your item(s) on the eBay auction with a detailed description and also download photographs of the items.
4. We will send you a link via email, so if you wish, you too can watch your auction.
5. We will closely monitor your sale’s progress.
6. We will respond to any enquiries regarding your item(s) from potential buyers.
7. We will process all eBay fees and process payment from the buyer.
8. We will send you money for the total sale price, minus fees.

Our Fees

Vantage 360 commission = 25% of final selling price
Transaction Fee per auction = £3.50 per item
eBay Fees = approx 10% of final selling price(including eBay listing fee, Final value Fee, PayPal Fee and VAT at cost)
Once your item sells, and is paid for, Vantage 360 will deduct the above mentioned fees and send you a Paypal or bank transfer for the balance directly to you. Whichever you prefer.
eBay Shop  Comparisons Vantage 360 charges: Well known
competitor charges:
Commission: 25% 30%
eBay Fees * : approx 10% (at cost)inc PayPal * approx 10% (at cost)inc PayPal *
Item Listing Fee:(upfront) £3.50 per item(except when no sale. No sale = No Fee) £5 per item
Your Item Sells For… You would receivefrom Vantage 360: You would receivefrom competitor:
£0 £0 minus £5
£30 £17.71 £13.20
£100 £65.55 £56
£150 £99.73 £86.50
£300 £202.25 £178
£500 £338.95 £300
£1,000 £686.70 £605